RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ Lockout: Unleashing the Power of Control

When it comes to mountain biking, a smooth and controlled ride is the key to unlocking your true potential on the trail. One component that plays a vital role in achieving this is the rear suspension. Among the many options available, the RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ stands out as a game-changer, offering unrivaled control and versatility.

Embrace the Ultimate Control with RockShox Super Deluxe Select+

At the heart of the Super Deluxe Select+ lies a revolutionary feature—the lockout. With just a flick of a lever, you can instantly transform your suspension, adapting it to the demands of the trail. Whether you’re conquering steep climbs or craving a rigid platform for maximum power transfer, the lockout feature empowers you to take charge of your ride like never before.

RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ Lockout

Unraveling the Mystery: What is RockShox Super Deluxe Select+?

The RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ is a high-performance rear shock that sets new standards in suspension technology. Designed to offer uncompromising performance and control, it incorporates advanced features to enhance your riding experience. With its intuitive lockout feature, you can switch between fully active suspension and a locked-out platform, ensuring optimum efficiency and traction whenever you need it.

A Marvel of Suspension Technology

The Super Deluxe Select+ is engineered with precision and attention to detail. Its robust construction and innovative design enable it to withstand the toughest riding conditions while delivering exceptional performance. Featuring an air spring system, it provides a plush and responsive feel, allowing you to seamlessly glide over obstacles and maintain traction.

The Quest for Unparalleled Control

The true magic of the Super Deluxe Select+ lies in its lockout feature. This feature enables you to stiffen the suspension, effectively eliminating unwanted movement and optimizing power transfer. Whether you’re tackling a grueling climb or sprinting towards the finish line, the lockout feature ensures every pedal stroke counts.

Unlocking the Lockout: The Magic Feature

The lockout feature on the Super Deluxe Select+ is your ticket to unlocking a world of control and efficiency. By engaging the lockout, you effectively eliminate the suspension’s ability to compress, creating a rigid platform that maximizes energy transfer. This is particularly advantageous when navigating smooth sections of the trail or hammering up steep climbs.

Taking Control to the Next Level

With the lockout engaged, you’ll experience an instant surge of power as each pedal stroke propels you forward with unmatched efficiency. The suspension becomes a solid foundation, allowing you to transfer all your energy directly to the drivetrain. Say goodbye to wasted energy and hello to faster climbs and quicker accelerations.

Conquer Any Terrain with Confidence

While the lockout feature enhances climbing performance, it’s equally beneficial on descents. By eliminating suspension movement, you gain greater control and confidence when navigating technical terrain. The Super Deluxe Select+ ensures that every bump, jump, and drop is met with a level of precision and composure that lets you push your limits with peace of mind.

Installation: A Simple Step Towards Superior Suspension

Installing the RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ on your bike is a straightforward process that can make a world of difference in your riding experience.

Getting Ready: What You Need

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment. This typically includes a shock pump, Allen keys, cable ties, and a torque wrench. Check the installation manual for specific requirements based on your bike’s frame and configuration.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installation

  1. Begin by removing the existing rear shock from your bike. This usually involves loosening mounting bolts or quick-release mechanisms.
  2. Install the RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ onto your bike’s shock mount. Align the mounting hardware and secure it with the appropriate torque settings.
  3. Connect the shock to the bike’s suspension linkage using the provided mounting hardware. Again, ensure proper alignment and torque specifications.
  4. Adjust the shock’s sag by using a shock pump to add or release air pressure according to your weight and riding preferences.
  5. Fine-tune the rebound and compression settings to suit your riding style. Refer to the user manual for guidance on the adjustment knobs and their effects.

Customization: Tailoring the Suspension to Your Liking

One of the key advantages of the Super Deluxe Select+ is its ability to be customized to suit your riding preferences and the terrain you encounter.

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Experimenting with different suspension settings is crucial to finding your sweet spot. Start with the recommended baseline settings provided by RockShox, and then fine-tune from there. Pay attention to how the suspension feels during various riding conditions, such as technical descents, fast flowy sections, or aggressive jumps.

Adjusting for Different Riding Conditions

The Super Deluxe Select+ allows you to adjust both rebound and compression damping, giving you the flexibility to optimize the suspension for different terrains. Increase rebound damping for slower, technical trails, and decrease it for faster, more aggressive riding. Similarly, adjust compression damping to fine-tune the shock’s response to impacts.

On the Trail: A Ride Like No Other

Once your Super Deluxe Select+ is installed and dialed in, it’s time to hit the trails and experience the transformative power of this exceptional suspension.

Tackling Rocky Terrains with Ease

As you encounter rocky sections of the trail, the Super Deluxe Select+ responds with composure, absorbing impacts and allowing your bike to maintain traction. With its lockout feature, you can engage it when necessary to overcome particularly challenging rock gardens or technical climbs.

Soaring over Jumps with Confidence

When it’s time to catch some air, the Super Deluxe Select+ shines. Its responsive and controlled rebound ensures a smooth landing, while the lockout feature minimizes energy loss, enabling you to boost higher and farther with confidence.

Navigating Steep Descents with Control

On steep descents, the Super Deluxe Select+ excels at keeping your bike glued to the trail. Its plush suspension and ability to absorb sudden drops and impacts provide you with the control and stability needed to conquer even the gnarliest descents.

Real Riders, Real Stories: Personal Experiences with Super Deluxe Select+

To further illustrate the impact of the Super Deluxe Select+ on riders’ experiences, let’s dive into a couple of real-life anecdotes.

John’s Journey: From Bumpy to Butter-Smooth

John, an avid mountain biker, had always struggled with maintaining control on rough and technical trails. However, after installing the Super Deluxe Select+ on his bike, he was amazed at the transformation. The lockout feature allowed him to navigate challenging sections with precision, turning previously bumpy rides into butter-smooth adventures.

Sarah’s Soaring Success: Conquering Fear with Lockout

Sarah, a passionate rider, had a fear of jumping due to a past crash. But with the Super Deluxe Select+’s lockout engaged, she found the confidence to conquer her fear. The suspension’s ability to provide a stable platform allowed her to soar through the air, reclaiming the joy of jumping and expanding her riding capabilities.

Longevity: Keeping Your Super Deluxe Select+ in Top Shape

To ensure your Super Deluxe Select+ continues to deliver top-notch performance, regular maintenance and care are essential.

Regular Inspections and Cleaning

Inspect your suspension regularly for any signs of damage or wear. Clean it thoroughly, removing dirt and debris that may affect its performance. Lubricate the suspension’s moving parts as recommended by RockShox to ensure smooth operation.

Lubrication: A Key to Smooth Operation

Proper lubrication is crucial for maintaining the performance of your Super Deluxe Select+. Follow RockShox’s guidelines and recommendations for lubricating the seals, air canister, and other relevant components. This will help extend the lifespan of your suspension and ensure it operates flawlessly.

Unleash Your Riding Potential with RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ Lockout

In conclusion, the RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ with lockout is a game-changer for mountain bikers seeking unparalleled control and performance. With its innovative suspension technology and customizable features, it allows riders to conquer any terrain with confidence. Whether you’re navigating rocky trails, soaring over jumps, or powering up steep climbs, the Super Deluxe Select+ unlocks a whole new level of riding enjoyment.

RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ Lockout


1. Can I install the RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ on any bike?

Yes, the RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ is compatible with a wide range of mountain bikes. However, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with your specific bike’s frame and suspension configuration. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications and consult with a bike mechanic if you have any doubts.

2. Does the lockout feature affect the overall performance of the suspension?

No, the lockout feature on the Super Deluxe Select+ is designed to enhance performance rather than diminish it. When engaged, it provides a solid platform that maximizes energy transfer and control, particularly on climbs or smooth sections of the trail. The suspension remains fully active when the lockout is disengaged, allowing for optimal traction and comfort.

3. How often should I perform maintenance on the Super Deluxe Select+?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your Super Deluxe Select+ in top shape. It’s recommended to inspect and clean the suspension after each ride, especially in muddy or dusty conditions. Additionally, perform more thorough maintenance tasks, such as lubrication and seal replacement, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines or as needed.

4. Can I adjust the lockout threshold on the Super Deluxe Select+?

The lockout threshold on the Super Deluxe Select+ is not adjustable. However, by fine-tuning the compression and rebound settings, you can customize the suspension’s overall feel and response to match your riding style and preferences.

5. Are there any special tools required for installation or maintenance?

Yes, installing and maintaining the RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ may require specific tools. Common tools include a shock pump, Allen keys, cable ties, and a torque wrench. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions for the necessary tools and their specific requirements.

  1. RockShox Official Website
    • Visit the official website of RockShox to explore more about their Super Deluxe Select+ rear shock and other suspension products.
  2. Mountain Bike Forum – Suspension Discussion
    • Join the mountain bike community on this forum to engage in discussions about suspension systems, including the RockShox Super Deluxe Select+. Gain insights, share experiences, and learn from fellow riders.

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